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“Reliable, Friendly, Professional, and Speedy Service to name a few. Mike and Denise are my favorite people to work with!”

Distribution Lead

At Acme Sales we go above and beyond by providing personalized service for every client. We recognize the importance of helping our customers achieve maximum productivity and efficiency.

Let us provide the following services for you:

Custom Packaging and Kitting Services

Count on us to procure fasteners and other components. We will assemble according to your specifications for use as a Lean Manufacturing tool.

Inventory Management

We will hold your inventory and provide just in time delivery when you need it. We are conscious of and work with you on the inventory turns for your business.


We specialize in delivering to your door and floor as required. We provide expedited and planned delivery requests and work with your material personnel to deliver when you want it, where you want it and what you need.

Let’s talk. How can Acme Sales help your business?

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